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Yuan Teh Enterprise Company was established in 1992, specialize in pen clips & matel parts manufacturing, please contact us for more information at yuan.teh@outlook.com

**We have over 35 years experience in manufacturing various type of steel & copper pen clips. 

**We have got over 400 items and are able to customize new product upon customer's request.

**Short lead time and stable quality with reasonable prices.

源德實業有限公司成立於 1992 年,負責人張國寶先生,在創立源德之前,就致力於生產及設計開發各式筆夾,在該領域已有超過35 年的實務經驗,並在業界有相當好的名聲。高配合度及優良穩定的品質是我們最大的優勢。

目前約有 400 種規格的筆夾供客戶選擇,並可依其要求修改款式或打印Logo,亦可依客戶的設計開模生產。目前主要的銷售市場為台灣、中國大陸及東南亞,同時積極拓展其它海外市場,以達永續經營。

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